About us

The Journal of Agrarian Change is a leading voice in the field of the political economy of agrarian change. 

It approaches the main historical and contemporary debates in the field from a radical heterodox political economy perspective that is oriented around political as well as scholarly concerns.

These online editorial pages provide a space for discussion and debate among researchers, activists, and students of the political economy of agrarian change. 

Agrarian Questions

The editors of the Journal are launching Agrarian Questions with three main sections: Debates, Events and a Blog.

Blog posts currently include book reviews by Christian Lund, Haroon Akram-Lodhi and John M. Talbot of books by Nandini Sundar, Bina Agarwal and Jan Breman and the announcement of the winner of 2017 Bernstein and Byres prize in agrarian change.

There are also publications links to the last open access issue and to classic journal articles from the journal.

There is also information on upcoming and past events organized by the Journal of Agrarian Change. We would be pleased to have your comments and suggestions for Agrarian Questions and we shall be looking for contributors.

You can get in touch with us through Shreya Sinha, the Agrarian Questions curator at aqs.jac@gmail.com.

Journal website

Agrarian Questions is an independent website and a complement to our main web-page in the Wiley bookshelf.

We expect that the debates and discussions on these pages will lead you to browse the journal or to search for particular papers.

Or you may decide that you have a paper that fits the orientation of Journal of Agrarian Change and want to see the instructions for prospective authors.